Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mother Road 2011:
A few days ago I sent photographs to the 6th grade class in Bokoshe, OK for their Learn and Serve presentation at the state capital next week. For those of you following the Bokoshe coal ash story you'll remember I took these photographs in December as part of my 501c3 project, Question Of Power. As I stood in the 6th grade classroom their teacher asked "raise your hand if you have asthma." Nine out of the seventeen students raised their hands. I was shocked.

I spent the day with these bright kids to photograph and record their stories. One story I'll never forget. I asked one of the boys what it was like to deal with asthma every day. His answer went straight to my heart. "It hurts," he said, "it really, really hurts." To see and hear his and other student's personal stories, please visit:

As in other Question of Power projects, photographs have played an integral part in bringing a voice to people affected by the mining, burning, and disposal of coal byproducts. My photographs have been successfully used in numerous publications, as an educational tool for high schools and colleges, and as Federal court evidence for people fighting for their land.

Question of Power has taken me from the Navajo Nation to Tennessee, Alabama, and recently, Bokoshe, OK. It takes money to continue to bring voices to people who often don't have resources to do it themselves. They need your help. I need your help.

On May 21, 2011 I will ride my American made motorcycle on America's Mother Road across America from Chicago to Santa Monica to raise money for Question Of Power, a 501c3. A four-day tax-deductible photographic workshop will also take place on the New Mexico section of Route 66. Buy some miles and join in the ride (all wheels welcome). Make plans now to follow me across our beautiful country via a daily blog from the comfort of your home. Your tax deductible dollars will not only keep me in gas it will earn you a fabulous tee shirt plus many other wonderful gifts.

To learn more about Mother Road 2011 and how to make a donation for the ride, please visit: Thank you for taking the time to read this and please feel free to pass it on.

Be strong, be safe, Carlan