Saturday, March 24, 2018

March for Our Lives
Today, March 24, 2018, marked an historical moment for our country and around the world.  Not since the marches protesting the war in Vietnam have we seen so many young people take to the streets to raise a voice against the killing of our children in our schools.  On December 7, 2017 two high school students were killed at Aztec High in Aztec NM north of Santa Fe.
Lack of adult leadership in our country has put the burden to speak out on our children's shoulders.
Young students from high schools across Northern New Mexico cried out calling for action to end gun violence.  Current school curriculum calls for regular scheduled defensive training in preparation for the moment an active shooter will be in their classrooms.  They will no longer be the unheard voices. 
"Never Again" is a call to action against school massacres and demands for gun control in an out of control society which allows our children to be senselessly killed.   Nothing can stand in their way calling for change.
"Protect Kids Not Guns" that asking too much for our children and grandchildren?

be strong, be safe, Carlan