Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When the weather changes for bikers:

Winter is closing in here in New Mexico.  My close neighbor is a biker too.  This morning we shared some text.   D = my neighbor...C = or course is me. It went like this:

D - In spite of the impact to motorcycle riding, watching this incoming storm is pretty cool.

C - Have to agree.

D - I noticed this morning that you parked your Jeeps in front of your garage, and that further they'd gotten icy overnight.  So now you'll have to scrape the windows before you can move them in order to get your motorcycle out, and I couldn't help wondering..."What is up with that?" 

C - Excellent observation...but look closely...perfect spacing between the Jeeps to ride out...always plan ahead in New Mexico.

D - Good point...I stand corrected.  So are you saying I'll be hearing the rumble of the Harley here shortly?

C - Checking out studded snow tires right now.

D - Awesome.

C - Shall I order you a set too?

D - I think I'll stick with the tire chains for now.  I am eager to see if you get better performance with the studs that I do with the chains.

C - Looks like the studded tires are pricey.  Headed to Home Depot later to pick up a big box of nails.  Should work to take the tires off and drive the nails through from the inside.  Will let you know how it works.  Will have plenty of extra nails.  I can bring some over later.

D - Sounds like a good plan.  Will you be bringing the extra nails over on your bike?

C - Only if my air compress can keep up.

D - Well this turned out to be one of those days where I actually rode as far as I was tempted to....

C - Just how far was that?  Were you in the zen moment...at that point just sitting in the garage on the bike will carry you along...

D - Yeah...just came in from taking out the recycling, which tempered my motivation considerably.

C Well...special on heated gear this weekend at SF Harley.  Just how heated can it be???

D - You gonna check it out?

C - Yea...got batteries?

D - It's not solar....I'm shocked!!

C - It's not easy being green. 

be strong, be safe, Carlan