Friday, March 13, 2009

Welcome to Portrait U.S.A.

Some individuals feel a photographer has to travel around the world from their home to find and share meaningful photo essays. I have always felt quite the opposite. The history being written today and the current state of the country helps to strengthen my feelings. Incredible photographic work has been done during some of the most difficult times in our country. The 30's FSA photographic work stands as one of the most important photographic documents ever created to date. this a difficult and trying time...or one of great opportunity? I believe it is a time of great opportunity to document and share "America with Americans". I will be working on doing this on the blog and sharing my observations through my photographs with you. Observations from where I live to places my journeys may carry me. It is my thought to share the current "human condition" of our country with photographs and reports from the field. Please join me. List yourself with this blog and I will work to share a "Portrait USA" as I see it through my camera with you.

be strong, be safe,



  1. Dear Carlan,

    It's a privilege to be invited by you to participate. I look forward to sharing in your journey together with other special, gifted photographers whose life you've touched in an enduring way.

    Safe travels, brother.

  2. Hi Carlan,
    Photographers are uniquely equipped to see,to hear, and to capture the new rhythms of this pivotal moment in time. And you are especially able to establish the comfort zones critical to such work. I look forward to your discoveries.
    Listen and see,

  3. Carlan,
    I appreciate your invitation and am eager to begin the trip. Your teaching at Anderson Ranch 2 summers back continues to enhance my modest efforts at B/W landscape. Your humanity continues to provide a gentle guidance as I strive to photograph our earth and its occupants with dignity and fairness.

    Walk in Beauty,
    Will Clark

  4. Right there with you brother.


  5. I'll be with you in your journey,
    Be safe


  6. Hi Carlan, Thanks for the invite. I can't wait to see the people through your eyes! It will be awesome!


  7. Carlan,
    I look forward to the journey. I can hardly wait to see America through your eyes.