Thursday, July 22, 2010

Living in Coal Ash: Uniontown, Alabama:
For the past twelve months 88 rail cars filled with coal ash from the TVA coal ash spill in Kingston, Tennessee have traveled 300 miles to Uniontown, Alabama daily. The Arrowhead Landfill, once only used for household waste, is now the depository for material from a designated Super Fund site. Individuals, families, and the community of Uniontown have changed in the past year.

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  1. How is the ash being put in Uniontown, Alabama, any better than leaving it put in Kingston, Tennessee? It's bad in either place. It's washing and being dragged into the roads and yards of the residents of Uniontown now, so in reality, this company is now poisoning the residents of two towns, two states. Not to mention the workers transporting the ash from one place to the other being exposed to it...twenty years from now, are we going to find out that this stuff is like asbestos? Are these workers all going to be sick and permanently disabled from inhaling the coal ash they hauled twenty years earlier?