Saturday, November 13, 2010

In The Air We Breathe - Bokoshe, Oklahoma:
Eight trucks make ten trips each daily down Highway 31 between the AES Coal burning power plant to Bokoshe, Oklahoma carrying coal ash. The distance is a short ten miles. The eighty loads a day carry a heavy toil for the people of Bokoshe.

Fourteen out of twenty families in Bokoshe suffer from joint disease, emphysema, and cancer. In 1988 the EPA reviewed the potential health hazards of exposure to coal ash. No decision was made. Ten years later in 1998 the EPA again reviewed coal ash. No decision was made. Today, the EPA is again reviewing the potential health hazards of coal ash. The residents of Bokoshe know what the health hazards of exposure to coal ash are.
To hear their story ( click here ).

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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  1. We all need to act by Friday, Nov 19th, to get coal ash regulated
    responsibly! On Friday, the EPA comment window closes and will use the
    comments submitted to decide between Subtitle C and Subtitle D.
    Subtitle C is for CLEAN and safe communities and regulations that save
    money, lives, and environmental integrity. Subtitle D is DIRTY and
    status quo, basically leaving coal ash less regulated than household
    trash. Go to to comment to the EPA and make your voice
    heard. The site is really easy to use and won't take more than a minute
    of your time. Subtitle C is clearly the way to go- let's make it happen!