Friday, January 20, 2012

Dynamite & Dinosaurs:

What do over 65 million year old dinosaur bones have to do with dynamite?  Last week I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with a very special individual near Shiprock, NM.  Arnold Clifford is a paleontologist and botanist.  He has been collecting fossils, dinosaur bones, and plants since he was three years old.  Arnold is greatly concerned how the mining for coal and the blasting of Mother Earth with dynamite is destroying a rich and important history near his home.  A history which will be lost for future generations.
Every day 46,740,000 pounds of coal are extracted from Mother Earth at the Navajo Mine in the Four Corners area.  Dynamite is used to first blast the earth followed by draglines removing the over burden to uncover and mine the coal.
I felt like I was walking through a museum as Arnold pointed out pieces of dinosaurs over 65 million years old, fossil forests, and sea life.  Ancient history being destroyed with dynamite.  Arnold's story is an important one.  Take a moment to hear what he wants to share.  

be strong, be safe, Carlan 

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