Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Headin' for the Panhandle
Packed the Low Rider, kickstand up, heading for the Texas Panhandle.  Early morning rain cleared to blue skies dotted with puffy clouds.  Tail wind north on I25 to Springer, NM.  From Springer following the Santa Fe Trail to Clayton, NM.  Dropped south to Dalhart, TX into the great Panhandle.  Hamburger highway to Dalhart = thousands of hamburgers on the hoof.  Spending the next 5 days zig zagging across the Texas Panhandle riding the black ribbon of highway into towns lost in history.  Working with a  Texas photographer, riding, exploring, making photographs of yesterday's way of life.  Motophoto Tour at it's best.
Gladstone, NM.  Looking for faces in the strangest places.  Gladstone Trading Post.  High on my list for Green Chili Cheese Burgers.  

Kickstand down in Dalhart.  Bagged my seat.  Rain tonight.  For all you sure to add "key to bike" on your check list before heading out of town.

be strong, be safe, Carlan 

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