Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smith Mountain Coal Ash Dump Site:

In Crossville, TN. the Cumberland County Commissioners approved an old coalmine at Smith Mountain, located a short distance from Kingston, TN., to be come a new site for the disposal of TVA coal ash.

Cumberland County residents thought they were going to take part of the wet coal ash from the Kingston 2008 ash spill. That would have ended in three years. Currently the wet coal ash being extracted from the Emory River at Kingston is being shipped via rail cars to a dump site in Uniontown, AL. The Smith Mountain site, if permits are approved, could become a site for new coal ash.

Seventeen county residents have joined to say the coal ash landfill will destroy their quality of life.

Dave Brundage has put his heart, soul, and life's savings into the Black Cat Lodge which is located near the proposed Smith Mountain Mine dump site. He invested $2 million of his own money to provide transitional living for individuals struggling with addiction and abuse. Brundage has created a dream location where seven people already put their lives back together. Here is Dave's story:

To see and hear Dave's story in a larger version (click here).

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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