Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road home from Sturgis
Heavy rain last night in Rapid City.  No cover for Talon.  Wondered if he would start this morning.  Fired on the first hit of the switch.  Strange weather now a days.
Back on the open road.  Rainy day.  Thump of the motor.  Rain splatters on my goggles.  Feels good.
Black Hills.  How different the landscape looks traveling in the opposite direction.  Didn't look this way in the rear view mirrors last week.  Need to be always looking forward...not behind.
Rain...sun...rain...sun...must have put on and taken off my rain gear a dozen times today.
 Crossing into Nebraska blue sky on the horizon.
Stopped to make a picture.  Shifter linkage had vibrated loose.  Ten minutes with a wrench back on the road.  Sure happy the sun was shining.  Good day to be on the road.

live free, ride free, Carlan

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