Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sturgis to the Santa Fe Trail
Heavy rain last night in Larmar, Colorado.  Final miles on HWY 385.  West turn into Oklahoma on HWY 56.  Blue out for the potholes in OK!
Stop for a quick bikers rest stop...and there it is.  Kenny Bob is running for OK State Representative.  Goooood luck...Kennnnny Bob!  You go boy!
Into New Mexico.  Lunch at the original stage stop along the Santa Fe Trail.  Great green chili cheese burger!
Historic Santa Fe Trail.  Green rolling hills and open road.  A special ride home.
Mesas on the horizon.  Clouds and sky.  Land of enchantment.  Kickstand down... least for a few days.  

live free, ride free,  Carlan

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