Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sturgis 75 Years:
2015 marks the 75th year of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  It began in 1938 and was originally held for stunts and races, but has evolved into being a meeting for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world.  It is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world.
Numbers floating around  town are calling for over 1.5 million bikers to roll through Sturgis this week.  The streets were full by 8AM this morning.  Rumble of Harleys filled the air.  No better sound for a biker!
The rally brings significant income to the citizens of Sturgis, a town of only 6,627 people.  From renting out tent space on front lawns, parking bikes in driveways, and supporting local family cafes the week long rally provides income for the year.
 Everyone hands out free items from bibles to beer kozzies.
Harley-Davidson motorcycles are all about creating your own personal statement.  Thousands of bikes, not one the same.  A personalized Harley for the KING...Elvis of course.
It's all about personal statements.  Freedom of expression.  Not only personalizing a Harley, personalizing your body and feeling the freedom to express it as well.
The town is rockin'.  Even the hula hoop is still popular.  Word on ths street is..."what happens in Sturgis...needs to stay in Sturgis..."
Armed guards are on duty to make sure every Harley is safe and secure at all times.
Bikers are some of the friendliest folks you will ever meet.  Generally misunderstood because of their independence and belief in freedom.  A patch on his vest records his support for the Rolling Thunder Project.  He is one of four individuals to ever be honored to place a memorial on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Washington DC.
"He would have ridden a Harley".  There is no doubt in my mind it would have been a Harley.  Why would I even question it?

Kickstand down for the night.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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