Thursday, August 6, 2015

Two lane highway from Sturgis:

Left Rapid City this morning under blue skies with the wind on my back.  Decided to take the back roads through the Badlands across the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Few miles out of Rapid City the traffic disappeared.  The thousands of bikers and rumbles of V-twins began to fade like old paint on a 50's Harley.  Thump of my bike's motor became one with the rhythm of my heart.
Entering the Pine Ridge Reservation it was clear to understand the Lakota People's call... "Save Our Land".  The road reached out to the land.  The land to the sky.  The sky to the clouds.
Slowing, breaking to a stop, looking up, clouds wrapped around a hilltop knoll.  Low wire fence encircles a mass grave site.  Wounded Knee.  I have visited here many times.  Each time stopping to pay respect to the brave Lakota women, children, and elders whose spirits are present.
Into Nebraska stayed on the back roads.  Smooth two lane.  Rolling sand hills.  Dotted with ranches and farms.  Found a rest area with full services including WiFi.  Standing at the rest area a lonely car pulls to a stop.  A family from Scotland touring the US.  "Is this actually an authorized highway rest area?"  Yes, I reply with a smile, "you may not find another one like this for miles". 
Just outside of Alliance, NE  short stop to record the wonders of Carhedge.  Motorhead art at it's best.

Kickstand down in Bridgeport, NE tonight.  Perfect day riding with the wind, embracing the freedom of the open road, remembering the history of our country.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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