Monday, September 5, 2016

Mel's 1987 Harley Heritage
This morning at the motel in Salmon I noticed a very unique Harley parked next to my bike.  Tried to figure out year, model, many unique pieces.  Decided to sit tight and see who would be saddling up on this beauty.
Before long Mel came out and began to load up his gear.  "It's a 1987 Heritage, rear fender is from a 1947 Willis Jeep spare tire cover, front finder is a Triumph, all the parts are what I had in my garage."  How cool it that.  We're riding the same model of Harley.  Just a few years and parts difference.  (That's my 2016 Heritage to the left of Mel's bike.)  He got loaded up, ready to hit the road...dead battery.  
Everyone gathered around to help a biker out. That's what its all about. 

Meetin' all these incredible folks out on the highways of America.  Now really, does it get any better?

be strong, be safe, Carlan 

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  1. Nice article Carlan, Glad you had a safe trip through Montana. It was a pleasure to meet you and visit.