Friday, September 8, 2017

Breakin' from the Radio Waves...Back on the Highways

You never know who you might run into walking down the street.  Today on the way to the KMRD studio heard my name being called out.  Turned to see two traveling' bikers.  Took a moment...then I knew they were some brothers from across the border in Canada.
Joe and Mike are on a blue highways road trip across from Ottowa to the Southwest.  Perfect timing for a radio chat about Travelin' and the Freedom of the Road.  Cllck on the play arrow to hear the show.
Signin' off from the radio waves and getting back on the highways.  Final show.  Great way to end.

 BUT....Stay tuned here for new Blue Highway photo stories.  Comin' to you from those two laners across America.

be strong, be safe, Talon

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