Friday, June 24, 2011

Postscript: Arrows, Barbies, Dreamcatchers, and Big Cowboys:

Arrived home in Santa Fe two days ago.  It was hard to put the kickstand down after all the miles. Let me catch up on the ride East from California.
I decided to ride the Mother Road from the LA Basin back East to Santa Fe.  Have you ever noticed how things look different traveling East to West and West to East?  Sure I am on the other side of the road, but I felt like I was traveling in new territory again.
Crossed the desert early in the morning during the cool time of the day.  The desert is beautiful in the early morning hours.  Light of a new day, cool breeze on my face, sweet smell of desert plants in the air.  Mother Road devoid of other cars.  A feeling of being one with Mother Earth.
Stopped in Seligman, AZ at the Snow Cap Drive-In for lunch.  Long known as the funniest food spot on Route 66, my lunch brought a big smile to my face! This town keeps up the comical tradition along with really great road food.
Twin Arrows was once an attractive establishment, with its red/white Valentine diner, trading post, and namesake gigantic arrows thrust into the soil. Now boarded up the remains are a fleeting memory of a time past along the Mother Road.
Two Guns was a tourist town with a roadside zoo featuring "Real Mountain Lions".  I only found Barbie enjoying her solitude in a dreamlike state.
Further down the road I spotted the world's largest dreamcatcher. Maybe a stop here could help me catch all those thoughts rolling around in my mind since I started this ride.
In Gallup I caught up with Big Cowboy John keeping a watch over all the used cars. Important work...never know when one of those Mustangs might stray away from the herd.
Five days after leaving the LA Basin I pulled into Santa Fe.  Kickstand down.  Odometer reading 4,228 miles trip total.  Over thirty days on the Mother Road across this great country of ours.

Someone asked me yesterday..."Did you ever think it was good common sense traveling all that distance on a motorcycle most of it by yourself?" I could only reply..."if I had used common sense...look what I would have missed".  Would I do it again...oh yes...ready to get the kickstand back up.

Thanks for reading and joining me on this ride.

be strong, be safe,  Carlan 

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