Friday, August 9, 2013

Getting Ink in Sturgis

Judy Parker is a tattoo artist from San Diego, CA. She has been traveling to Sturgis for nineteen years to create tattoos.
Judy is a unique tattoo artist.  She free hands the design with a ball point pen. Checks for approval. Begins making the outline.
The outline requires the most time. "I've had brave men cry, and one even pass out while I was doing the outline.  You feel this part of the tattoo the most!"
Once the outline is finished, it is time for shading and color.  "You can sit back and relax now, the fill is the easy part."
Leeta came from North Dakota because she had heard about Judy.  She just turned 70 and always wanted a tattoo.  In honor of Letta's special occasion, Judy wore her coonskin cap as she performed her legendary art.

"A tattoo is all yours.  It's personal.  You carry it with you forever.  It is the one thing that stays with your body when you die." - Judy Parker

be strong, be safe, Carlan 

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