Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Final Leg Sacramento
On Sunday morning I rode a short distance into Sacramento on Highway 50 now an eight lane freeway.  Quite a change from the past two weeks of riding across America.  Dropped the Low Rider off at Sacramento Harley-Davidson.  Handing the keys over and unpacking the bike was not an easy task.  A close bond between man and machine had been established.
Two flights and a layover created a long day on Sunday.  Waiting for my flight at the airport I dozed off for a moment.  I was riding again through the open country of the American West.  Turning in my dream to look over my shoulder for traffic my head fell to the left.  Awaking suddenly, the realization of where I was came to me...sitting in an mind and spirit still on the open road.

Back in the studio.  Working on the story for HOG.  Planning the next trip.  Freedom of the road.

live free, ride free, Carlan

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