Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Riding and Thinking...

Excellent breakfast at Mom's Cafe in Salina UT this morning.  Willie Nelson had a "great steak dinner" there in 2004.  Sat in the same booth where he enjoyed his steak.  Felt his good energy.  Think I need to start everyday like this.
Highway 50 due west across Utah toward Nevada. Think I have never seen a straighter road for 98 miles.
Think it is a good idea to stop at a gas station when you see one.  You never know how far down the road the next one might be.
Shoe tree  Delta, UT.  Think this is a creative use of old shoes and a dead tree.
Think I am in the Great Basin now.
Think these thunderstorms may get me wet.
Think...this is some of the most stunning light and landscape I have ever ridden into and  across.  And to all started today sitting in a booth in a small cafe where Willie enjoyed a meal as much as I did.  Think it has been a really good day.
Ely, NV tonight.  Room at the historic Nevada Hotel.

live free, ride free, Carlan

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