Monday, September 15, 2014

Landscapes - Turns - Curves
Day began in Gunnison CO at the W Cafe with their famous breakfast burrito.  Lasted all day...and into tonight.
 First stop Black Canyon of the Gunnison.
A friendly reminder not to feed the bears along the way.
Short stop in Delta to check out the "used" cars for sale.
The sky and earth come together as one.  Clouds as if painted on a blue background.
Along the rim of the canyons in Colorado National Monument.  Beams of light peaking through the clouds.  Sweeping turns in the road.  Riding along the edge.  Bike and I are one.  Leaning into the turns checking to make sure I am not scrapping the chrome off the foot pegs.
Forms of Mother Earth unmatched by human hands.
There are times when photography and riding a motorcycle are one.  All the senses are connected.  A machine made from many parts now filled with life.  It carry's me across the country.  Landscape connected with the sky.  Wind on my face.  Sun warming my back.  A good day to be alive.

live free, ride free, Carlan

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