Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Headin' for the border

No wi-fi last night. Catching up this morning.  Left Ritzville  yesterday morning heading toward Spokane.  Ten miles down the road ran into heavy rain.  Stopped at a rest area to suit up.  Hot coffee was being provided by the "Combat Vet Riders". 
Met Lowbow, Precious, and Andy.  Lowbrow is 79 and Andy 75. Still riding strong for all their brothers. The Combat Vet Riders Harley motorcycle club holds fund raisers to provide services for Vets.  Services not provided when they should be. Like providing over 200 pairs of socks for Vets whose feet were cold. Real honor to meet these guys. They are the real deal. Brothers helping brothers and sisters.

North of Spokane HWY 395 opens up reaching into the forests.  It was a day or rain, sun, rain, sun.  Enough rain  to wash all the cobwebs out of my head.  It's what the black ribbon of road can do for you if you let it.
North of Kettle Falls crossed the Kettle River.  The Kettle River is a 175 mile long tributary of the Columbia River.  Stopped along the river to see it, smell it, and feel it.  I don't think we do this enough in our everyday busy lives.  Reconnects us to the important things. 
1528 miles north on HWY 395 from Los Angeles, along a quiet two lane road, I stopped on the line drawn on a map separating the US from Canada.  End of HWY 395...the Forgotten Highway.  How lines drawn on maps can create such boundaries.  Boundaries between individuals, states, countries, nations.  Sometimes breaking us apart when it would be so easy to be one.

Kickstand down in Colville last night.  At McDonads this morning with coffee and wifi.  The American way...?

Ride back down to Spokane today.  Drop off the bike in the morning and fly home to Santa Fe.  Working to sort out all my thoughts from the road.  It was wet, cold, with a life time of experiences all wrapped together along the black ribbon with the white line called freedom of the road.  Rolling on the throttle...wind on my face...

be strong, be safe Carlan

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