Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sharing the stories
Talk with the locals.  They know the history.  They know the weather patterns.  They have been telling me this past week..."never seen this type of weather in over 80 years living here".  Rain, sleet, snow, wind, cold.  That's what the Eastern Sierra and I have experienced the past few days.  Sure happy I have my long underwear.  Leaving Gardnerville this morning heading into Reno it seemed the sky opened up with more water than I thought clouds could hold.  
At Susanville the sun began to peak through the clouds.  Four lanes of HWY 395 suddenly turned into the traditional blue highway.  For a moment I thought I had missed a turn.  LA traffic disappeared, that familiar feeling of the open road began to seep into my bones.
Rolling on the throttle, wind in my face, feeling of being one with the landscape and road grew stronger and stronger.
The high desert was covered with new spring sage.  Mile after mile the beauty and wonder of the landscape filled all my senses. 
Crossing into Oregon  Goose Lake came into view.  Goose Lake is a large alkaline lake on the Oregon-California border.  Like many other lakes in the Great Basin, Goose Lake is a  pluvial lake that formed from precipitation and melting glaciers during the Pleistocene epoch.  At an overlook I met George Steward.  He moved to Goose Lake with his family eight-two years ago.   Within fifteen minutes George shared the history and his stories of the area with me.  Invited me to have breakfast with him in the morning. with the locals.

It is all about sharing.  Sharing the stories, sharing the history, sharing the photographs, sharing the experiences, sharing our world.  I received an email from a long time friend tonight.  Sometimes, I wonder if anyone out there actually reads my traveling rambles.  He said..."Wow, to have just a bit of your eye and talent to document our beautiful world.  And the ability to ride free and find it."   Thanks for those thoughtful words.  Makes me want to share it even more.

Kickstand down in Lakeview, OR tonight.  No rain so far.

live free, ride free,  Carlan

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