Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The king of the easy-riding chopper style.
For the 395 assignment I am running down the highway on a special HOG project bike.  Harley says..."The Wide Glide combines old school attitude with 103 cubic inches of V-Twin engine to rattle minivan windows."  Yea...I think I have been rattling a few windows.  Actually, got my heart to thumping nicely.

Out of the LA traffic. Mile by mile the white noise in my head began to disappear. By the afternoon I am in the zone. Wind on my back, rolling on the throttle, feeling one with the road.
Into the Eastern Sierras
Pearsonville, Hubcap Capital of the World
Bleachers looking for a crowd
Keeler Beach Resort, Owens Lake
Television set waiting to tell a story 
Motorcycle art
Mt. Whitney hiding in the clouds

Kickstand down in Lone Pine tonight.  Cobwebs  gone.  Heart  thumping.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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