Monday, May 25, 2015

What's buzzing....
Looked out the window of the motel in John Day, OR this morning.  Sun, blue skies (check ?)...twenty miles down the road the temperatures dropped to freezing, clouds on the ground, snow hitting my goggles.  Three hours later broke out of the cold into the sun.  Unbelievable front moving across the landscape.  Never seen one this large.
Across the Columbia River, into eastern Washington.  Sun on my back.  Feeling good.  Noticed a buzzing up my right sleeve.  With all the open space and air how could a bumble bee find his up up my sleeve?  Even worse, my right sleeve.  The right sleeve you say...yes, the throttle hand.  Traffic on both sides of me... hand off the throttle, shaking my arm, slowing down too much, back on the throttle, hand off the throttle, shaking my arm, slowing down too backing up behind get the picture.  Will leave the rest up to your imagination.  Finally, get pulled over, jump off the bike, peel off my jacket, several stings latter the bee seems to happily fly into the great beyond.  Maybe rainy weather is better...
In Ritzville, WA tonight.  In 1901, Ritzville received the title of the greatest wheat shipping point in the world.  Between August of that year and August 1902, approximately 1,967,725 bushels of wheat were received in Ritzville warehouses for shipment and 1,990 rail cars of wheat and flour were billed out.  Things have changed since 1902.  The "Ritz" has been disconnected from the "Ville".  Changing history in our country.
Thunder and lighting tonight.  Looked out to see the sky opening up with thousands of gallons of water coming down.  Lucky for me I have rain gear with me...oh yea....

Just another day on that black ribbon with a white line called the open road...nothing could be better.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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