Monday, May 23, 2011

Horse Shoes, Cozy Dogs, and Severe weather:

In Springfield, Il. Dinner last night with good friends Lorrie and Jake Bunn. Jake asked me have you ever had a "Horse Shoe" dinner...not lately was my reply. I thought...wonder what it is? Question you may be thinking....did he order it? Answer...yes. The "Horse Shoe" dinner is a Springfield original. Picture two pieces of toast...sirloin steak...tomato slices...crispy French fries...smothered in a gallons of cheese sauce...all in that order. Never slept so good as last night.

Up early this morning to meet Jake and Lorrie. Our plan to ride the original Route 66 between Springfield, Il. to Saint Louis, Mo. First stop was to have an original "Cozy Dog" for breakfast.

The Cozy dog is a historic Route 66 Springfield original. Not to be confused with a corn dog!

We rode the original 1926 Route 66 toward Saint Louis until we began seeing very black greenish clouds ahead. At that point Lorrie and Jake decided it best for them to make tracks back to Springfield while I headed on to Saint Louis. Got to the Mississippi River and hit the storm head on! Made a quick exit and here I sit in a motel room in Granite City just outside of STL. Waiting out the weather. Hail, rain, and heavy winds. My schedule is to be through Joplin on Thursday. Will see how things go.

Been talking with a lot of local folks all along the way. Have been hearing over and over has never been like this before...

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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