Thursday, May 26, 2011

Into Oklahoma:

Been having trouble posting to the blog the past couple of nights. Just posted yesterday a little late. Problem with posting the photos as well. This evening will be words only.

Rain this morning in Lebanon before leaving the Munger Moss Motel. Drank coffee and discussed the current state of affairs with Ramona and Bob the owners until the rain stopped about 10A. Rode west along 66 through the countryside of gentle rolling hills under a heavy gray sky. Seemed a bit lonely. No other cars for well over an hour.

As I approach Joplin stopped for gas and talked with some of the local folks. They shared the news with me 66 was closed both sides of Joplin. Backtracked a couple of miles and picked up the new 66 (Interstate 44). It was a cold ride and the air felt heavy closer I got to Joplin. The tornado cut directly across the Interstate. Pictures you have been seeing can hardly express the reality of the situation. Everything twisted and broken to pieces. Forces of nature unleashed. Navajo would say Monster Slayer was very mad about things. That was the thought in my mind as well. No pictures, just thoughts.

In Miami, OK tonight. Hard time finding a motel. Got one of the last rooms. Town is filled with people here to help in Joplin. Put all those people in your thoughts tonight they need your strength.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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