Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Closing the Circle - Freedom:

I closed the circle yesterday.  Left Bluff as the sun was beginning to break over the mesas.  The first hour of riding was in the cool evening air remaining in the canyons.  Day temperatures are hitting in the 100 degree mark throughout the area. Everyone telling me temperatures are changing.  Put the kickstand down at the Four Corners Monument as the sun began to heat the day.

It was still early not too many people around.  A good quiet moment to reflect on the ride.  Freedom.  Freedom of the road.  Freedom of open spaces.  Freedom of feeling the wind in my face.  Freedom of feeling the sun warming my back in the early morning. Freedom to close the circle.  Freedoms I will never take for granted.

I walked up to stand at the point where the states meet.  Raised my camera to look through the view finder...IN FREEDOM.
Looking through the camera I could not help thinking about how we define freedom today.  Do we consider the most basic, yet most important freedoms?  Freedom to breathe clean air.  Freedom to drink pure water.  Freedom to continue to live in our homelands.  Freedom to maintain our beliefs and ways of life.  Freedoms everyone deserve.  Freedoms not to be lost.

Into Santa Fe late in the day.  Kickstand down.  Rode through stunning landscape day after day.  Mother Earth has provided us with unparalleled beauty.  She is sharing important lessons...we only have to listen.  Ride in Beauty has given me the opportunity to share some of it with you. Thank you.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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