Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 10 - Lessons from the Road:

Left Torrey, Utah this morning heading south on Highway 12.  Up over the mountains in the Dixie National Forest.  Down into Escalante National Monument and into Bryce National Park.  In Hatch, Utah tonight.  Pressing and leaning all day.  Beautiful riding.  Before the photos and details I need to digress.

Ten days on the road now.  The lessons of the road are coming to me clearly.  I want to share some of them with you tonight.
1. If a motel includes free wi-fi it does not always means it works.  Quite often you will be given the password followed by "oh...our internet hasn't been working for a few days now...but here is the password just in case if you want to try it."
2. In our National Parks you will always find the highest number of visitors in the area of the Park which provides concession food and a gift shop.
3. As a photographer when you see the perfect Kodachrome moment, remember Kodachrome is no long available so shoot it in black and white.
4. Do not believe in all the travel information available on the internet.  Some gas stations listed actually no longer exist...especially when you are nearly on empty.
5. Contrary to popular belief Google Maps are not better than the kind printed on paper you fold and carry in your pocket.
6. Lighten the load.  I need to spend a bit more time with this one. Just a minute...I need to figure out where to start.  Guess I have to start at the beginning.  That means when I was planning my trip.  Just how many pairs of socks do I really need?  How about all this equipment?  Do I really need to know exactly where I will be at all times?  This all started when Nancy met me in Mancos for a couple of days.  I was trying to shoot still images, shoot video, edit, post, oh...and by the fully engaged in the experience of the ride.  I won't go into the details, but will simply tell you this.  When Nancy waved good-by to me as we were leaving Moab she had nestled safely inside her Prius all of the video gear and more than just my extra socks.  It reminded us of the scene from the Electric Horseman where Redford slings Fonda's cameras, tripods, and extra equipment into the water.  Now we can start to get serious about the experience. Yesterday while stopped for gas a woman asked me how long and far was I traveling.  When I told her, she replied..."with only that small bag you are carrying?"  Yes, I said...seems like we always carry more than we need to make the journey.

Riding out to the Needles three days ago in Canyonlands I stopped to
visit Newspaper Rock.  The ancestors have left stories on the rock for over 2000 years.  Made me wonder how long our stories and photos made in this "digital age" will last.
Highway 12 has been one of the most beautiful rides I have ever made.  Here is a sample of what I felt today.
High mountain pass Dixie National Forest
Entering Escalante National Monument
Bryce National Park
Lighten the load, shoot it in black and white, remember to press and lean...because it is all about the ride.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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