Friday, July 26, 2019

HWY 2 - Day 3 - South Range, WI -Fosston, MN 

Jolted out of deep sleep early this morning with loud claps of thunder and  bright flashes of lightning bouncing off the walls of my room.  Here in the U.P they call it "Lake Effect".  Looking out the window easy to define "LE" as a wet cold day ahead.  There is an adage when you ride a motorcycle about weather..."as soon as you suit up the rain will stop".  Suited up with full rain gear before leaving the motel. Rain stopped shortly down the road.
Sky was gray, low ceiling, so much moisture in the air water drops were forming on my goggles.  Light felt soft and peaceful.  I call it quiet light.  Good time to ride and think.  Started thinking about the bike and what I had experience on it in only a few days on the road.  Riding a Sportster.  Basic bike Harley has made for years and years. Nothing fancy.  A solid, classic, great running motorcycle.  Traveling with a sissy bar and duffle bag.  Ala...Bronson.. if you remember that TV Series in the seventies.
Just on the road.  Feeling it, knowing it, experiencing it.  As I rode along began to realize how many folks had commented on the "bitchin" bike.  At gas stations, stop lights, parking lots...same words..."bitchin bike..where you headed"?  No need to question it.  Less is more.  On this bike it's all about the ride.
Pull into Grand Rapids, MN.  Need to find a grocery store.  Need some fresh fruit.  Lookin' for a banana.  Off to the side of the local grocery store was a small booth with Harley's parked all around.  Met Jerry hocking' hot dogs and soft drinks supporting A.B.A.T.E. (American Bikers for Awareness, Training and Education).  Got a dog and a coke and a great conversation with Jerry.  He was riding' a Sportster with 52,000 miles on it.  Only thing he had done was buy tires.  We shared Sportster stories.
Melisa joined the conversation and asked if we could do a "selfie" with my bike.  Before I knew it there were more requests.  "Bitchin Bike" was the word of the day.  Was invited to spend a day or two with the locals to ride together and share their part of the country.  Sorry I had to put some miles on down the road.  Plan to hang out longer next time.
Headed west on HWY 2 out of Grand Rapids.  Lake country.  Fishing country.  BIG fishing country.  This place was called the BIG FISH.

Kickstand down in Fosston, MN.  230 Miles.  Never a lonely moment when you are on a Sportster.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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