Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Leaving Milwaukee heading north to HWY 2
At the motel this morning realized I can't leave Milwaukee without seeing where the Mother Ship had it's actual beginnings.  Found the simple wooden shed where the first Harley heartbeat was heard.
A little additional looking around discovered the actual first motorcycle Harley and Davidson designed and assembled.  Morning well spent!
Kickstand down in St Ignace, MI tonight at the Pines Motel.  Wind was blowing from more directions than a compass has bearings for today.  Had to use ziplocks to keep my leathers from unsnapping.  Good to be at the beginning point for the ride west.
Two things to look for when you are on the road.  Local cafe with two to three calendars on the wall...not found today.  Room with a door to hang your leathers on, clean bathroom, and always a coffee pot. Check.  Ready to head  west on Hwy 2 tomorrow.  Be looking for Big Foot.  Heard he had been sighted crossing HWY 2  near Crystal Falls.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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