Saturday, July 27, 2019

HWY 2 - Day 4 Fosston, MN - Rugby, ND
Slept good last night in the tiny town of Fosston, MN.  Fosston holds one of two stoplights on this 100 mile stretch of US HWY 2.  The town also marks the sudden switch between the Great Plains and the Great North Woods.  The town motto is appropriate..."Fosston, Where the Plains Meet the Pines".
Heading west HWY 2 passes through once prairie lands now cultivated into fields of sugar beets, sunflowers, and wheat.  The local sugar beet industry pulls in a billion dollars a year.  The northern Great Plains is the birthplace of Cream of Wheat cereal.
It was a good day to ride.  Just ride...clear the head...quiet the white noise...feel the wind on your knees...the sun on your back.  No semi's, few cars, other bikers simply experiencing the freedom of the road.  As the miles passed under my tires I couldn't help but think about how less is more.  How being on the open road can fulfill so much in our lives.  Met local folks at each gas stop today.  Took time to share stories.  Learned from them first hand about their lives, their part of this special country.  Can't put a dollar value on that kind of experience.
Made s short stop in Devils Lake, ND.  Sent a text to a friend to let him know I was traveling through.  He and his son met me at the local McDonalds.  His son made a special sign to welcome me to Devils Lake.  Never alone on the road.  Always meeting someone with a special smile.
Only carry a few extra clothes with me when I ride.  Less is more.  Needed to do some laundry tonight.  What more could you ask for.  Wash your underwear and socks, lift weights, and get fit all at the same time.  Doesn't get any better.

Kickstand down Rugby, ND 228 Miles.  Geographical Center of North America. More about that in the morning.

be strong, be safe, Carlan

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